Welcome Guide

Welcome to My Dental CPD Finder, please find below a walk-through guide to help get you started with our tools. 

Using the filter

The filter allows you to search for CPD by title, subject, type of cost and CPD awarded hours. You also have the option to list by Latest, A-Z and Random.

The CPD awarded hours filter can be used by dragging each round circle on the left and right to your desired choice.

If you make a mistake, you can start over by clicking on reset filters on the bottom under search.

Search results

The search results will display on the right. Use the arrows on the top to switch to the next page of results if there are more available to view.


Under each search result you will find two buttons. The magnifier icon is a quick view button that previews a snippet of the CPD. 

The heart button allows you to bookmark the CPD for later which is store under bookmarks on your account page. To use this feature, this requires you to have a account (free) with My Dental CPD Finder. 


The overview is shown when you select the CPD of your choice. It provides snippets of infomation of the CPD. 

Top buttons

The “website button” takes your directly to the CPD provider website from which you can take the CPD.

The “share button” allows you to share the CPD via social networks. 

The Bookmark button allows you to save the CPD listing to your booksmarks on “MydentalCPDFinder” for later. 

The “report button” allows you to report if there is a problem with the listing. 

Overview info boxes

Each listing box includes: 

  • Introduction – provides a description of the CPD
  • Company info – CPD provider
  • CPD awarded hours 
  • Type of cost – Free or paid Dental CPD
  • Subject 
  • CPD Expiry date 
  • Requires a sign up on external site? – Additional registration required on external website to take CPD.
For example, see below: